Relieve stress before it happens

Have you ever felt over-stressed until the point where you can't get your head in order?

If yes, you have experienced a burn-out.

Ensuring people’s well-being is a priority today and Myndoor helps you recognize that limitation and prevent it.

What we do is provide a tool that enables people to know their emotional state from their semantic language. This makes it possible to prevent and anticipate conditions of stress and psychological distress that can cause serious harm in both the public and private spheres.

How do we do this? Through an API and an APP.


The API service is aimed at all companies in the corporate welfare and wellness, human resources, and diagnostics fields. An integration with your corporate infrastructure will take place so you can benefit from the advantages of Myndoor’s service: help your employees live in a peaceful work environment, thus improving quality and productivity.


The app is designed for all those who want to become more aware of their mental state and who want to monitor progress through a diary that will be analyzed and to which continuous graphical feedback will be associated over time.

An innovative Artificial intelIigence model

  • 30 scientific missions in high stressful environment
  • 10k data entry and a proprietary dataset
  • 30 affiliated psychology consultant

After years of study, we have created an artificial intelligence model that is unique in its characteristics

  • Maximum privacy protection – All information collected is analyzed in encrypted form, ensuring maximum privacy for the end user.
  • Versality – The technology can be adapted to any device or interface, since it is based on human semantic.
  • Reliability – The database of data of Myndoor algorithm is based on a significant set of historical data collected in +6 years of field research on volunteers in high psychological impact missions around the world. It uses the person’s own semantics without the need to compare the data with other elements specific to communication, such as tone of voice.
  • Passive Monitoring- The technology is in fact able to analyze user-written communications in the background and in real time, without keeping any kind of recorded track. This is achieved through an analysis performed by automatic sampling of semantic parameters of the communication: in this way it is possible to communicate to the user his state of tension and, eventually, to provide the community, anonymously, with the total results in the form of aggregated data.

Our team

Young and qualified, made up of experts in different fields.

Francesco Finazzi

Co-Founder & CEO

Mauro Delucis

Co-Founder & CTO

Cecilia Dompe'

Co-Founder & Chief of Psychological Research

Matteo Mendula

Machine learning R&D

Nicola Melluso


Giorgia Tressoldi

Chief Marketing officer

    Miriam Canteri

    Social Media Strategist

    Federico Longhi

    Chief financial officer

      Alina Petrova


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