The Project

It all started with an idea.

Francesco, a military pilot, and Alessandro, Surgeon Officer, noticed how during their missions their performance and the ones of their colleagues changed at certain times.
These are definitely not the most relaxing jobs, often requiring one to deal with stressful situations and mental load out of the ordinary with a clear mind.
However, the discipline, habit and rigor of those who lived these job made them particularly careful and balanced people.

Sometimes happens that this calmness is only apparent and that the accumulation of negative perceptions leads the person to experience a situation of chronic stress, with physical and psychological consequences.

Adrenalina, noradrenalina, cortisolo

In the presence of a stressful event, in fact, the nervous system is readily activated by promoting the release of certain substances, the so-called stress hormones (adrenaline, noradrenaline, cortisol) responsible for the physical and behavioral changes that enable the body to cope with and overcome the danger.

When the danger has passed, the levels of stress hormones return to normal. In this case we speak of acute stress, because the response begins and ends quickly.

What if environmental stresses persist over time?

If environmental stresses persist over time, on the other hand, the level of hormone production remains elevated, leading to a chronic stress condition that can cause psychological (anxiety, depression, fatigue, irritability…) and physical (heart disease, obesity, diabetes…) symptoms.

We will help you detect stress before it reaches too high levels and becomes chronic, with all the negative consequences this can bring.

When Francis saw with his own eyes what the consequences of this prolonged stress were, the question that came to him was, “What can be done so that this does not happen?” 

So together with Alessandro, a flight surgeon in ESA, Cecilia, a psychologist with a degree from San Raffaele in Milan, and Mauro, a senior developer, in November 2021, they created Myndoor: a startup that aims to make all people more aware of their state of mental well-being.

Our Technology

Myndoor’s Artificial Intelligence model based on Natural Language Process and Semantic Knowledge (Knowledge Graph) that allows the tracing of the concept of stress to other feelings, usually those analyzed and predicted by Sentiment Analysis.

What sets Myndoor apart is the collection and storage of data occurred smoothly and for the purpose of stress detection.This allows for greater accuracy that to date only we are providing.


The first release of our technology, specifically aimed at the B2B world, is in the form of an API. The API will be integratable with various IT systems and infrastructures so that a wide range of companies can take advantage of its benefits.


Our software that can be integrated with Slack will be dedicated to all companies that care about the well-being of their employees.
With our technology you will be able to help your employees live in a peaceful work environment, thus improving the quality and productivity of work.


The app features a user-friendly graphical interface and contains a fillable diary that will provide feedback on emotional state through a graphical representation.
Changes and trends in emotions and psychological stress, are shown both instantaneously and monitored over time, this allows a person’s emotional trend to be constructed.

All of this is usable, in an absolutely private and personal way, in full compliance with all privacy regulations.
The application allows for a range of activities, including some playful interactions (gamification) to increase the level of engagement.


App users
Allows more people to have free and premium access to a service that creates self-awareness of their mental well-being.
Companies providing corporate welfare
We will help simplify and accelerate the process of understanding and preventing workforce stress. It will improve employee well-being and productivity resulting in reduced errors,accidents and financial losses,absenteeism and retention.
Myndoor will simplify the process of automation, repeatability and consistency, eliminating pen and paper and providing objective support for psychological assessment.
Insurance Companies
Our technology is offered as a supplement to health care products offered by the insurance company. It helps improve the quality of services offered in personal care and shorten psychological therapies, helping the therapist receive faster and more accurate feedback by reducing insurance costs and improving service.
Government and Defense Agencies
Written personnel communications are analyzed helping to improve the safety of military and scientific missions in order to prevent psychological exhaustion and avoid accidents.