About Us

La nostra storia

Francesco was a military pilot and Alessandro a medical officer. During one mission they began to notice that the Human Factor was the main cause of accidents. There was a lack of a method capable of constantly monitoring people’s psychological well-being and providing truly accurate and predictive information. The methods used at the time were based on occasional interviews with psychologists and on the use of wearables. However, none of these methods succeeded in predicting the actual course of psychological stress, which led to burnout, nor in providing a complete snapshot of a person’s state.

Our team

We are a young, heterogeneous team made up of experts in different sectors.

Francesco Finazzi

Co-Founder & CEO

Mauro Delucis

Co-Founder & CTO

Cecilia Dompe'

Co-Founder & Chief of Psychological Research

Matteo Mendula

Machine learning R&D

Giorgia Tressoldi

Marketing specialist

    Miriam Canteri

    Communication Strategist

    Gianpietro Pasquon

    Chief financial officer

      Alina Petrova