Scientific basis

Stress, often underestimated, is a complex psychophysical response with significant impacts. Studies highlight the invaluable insights into stress levels that our expressions can offer. Going beyond conventional questionnaire methods, the Myndoor team pioneers a revolutionary approach, delving into linguistic cues to identify stress.
This innovative method correlates linguistic indicators with physiological parameters, seamlessly blending the expertise of psychologists with advanced technology.

Myndoor technology

Myndoor‘s unique AI model measures stress levels in text content, boasting over 7 years of semantic data collection through “knowledge graph walking”.

The model, with an 83% accuracy rate, integrates seamlessly with sentiment analysis technologies and prioritizes data privacy with strict adherence to GDPR.

API for Corporate Wellness

Myndoor‘s advanced API for corporate welfare and wellness services integrates with backend systems for data analysis of written and oral communications.
This technology is especially beneficial for psychological analysis and healthcare companies seeking to understand the emotional states of their users.

How it works

Our work is based on advanced Deep and Machine Learning techniques, integrating data analysis provided by certified professionals to understand the relationship between lexical and syntactic choices through natural language processing (NLP).
To address uncertainties related to questionnaires, they introduced an innovative approach based on aggregation of results to mitigate errors using artificial intelligence. The current result is a model capable of assessing stress levels by analyzing communication style. 

The benefits for our customers

Companies that guarantee Corporate Welfare

We help simplify and accelerate the process of understanding and preventing stress in the workforce. Myndoor helps improve the well-being and productivity of employees resulting in reduced errors, accidents and financial losses, absenteeism and retention



Myndoor simplifies the process of automation, repeatability and consistency, eliminating pen and paper and providing objective support for psychological evaluation.


Our technology is offered as an integration to the healthcare products offered by the insurance company. It helps to improve the quality of services offered in the field of personal care and to shorten psychological therapies, helping the therapist to receive faster and more accurate feedback by reducing insurance costs and improving service.

Government and Defense Agencies

Written personnel communications are analyzed helping to improve the security of military and scientific missions in order to prevent psychological exhaustion and avoid accidents.