About us

Francesco, a military pilot, disappointed with the existing methods for assessing psychological well-being to prevent incidents, he established Myndoor with the aim of revolutionizing mental health solutions. Here's our dynamic and creative team:
Francesco Finazzi
Co-Founder & CEO
Mauro Delucis
Co-Founder & CTO
Cecilia Dompe'
Co-Founder & Chief
of Psychological Research
Matteo Mendula
Machine learning R&D
Letizia Muttoni
Marketing specialist
Luis Carlos Palumbo
Sales Manager
Gianpietro Pasquon
Chief Financial Officer
Alina Petrova
Myndoor Srl
CF/P.IVA 12097060961
  • Via Aldo Moro 5/3
    20088 Rosate (MI) - IT
  • +39 02 87167870
  • info@myndoor.it